Growing Pains in Childhood - Fact or Fiction?

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Growing Pains DVD and Childrens Relaxation CD Testimonials

Thank you Phil, the DVD arrived next day and I was able to help my son that same evening. Poor lad is in so much pain from his knees down to his ankles. I can tell you your techniques really helped. Thank you so much. Ruth Whitman - Lancaster, UK

As a single parent who is too tired to work if the children are up crying for too long, I found the CD really does help them get back to sleep quickly. Good job. Roy Hanson - Taunton, Somerset

My son keeps complaining of aches and pains in his legs, and that led me to find your site online. I'd always thought of growing pains as an old wives' tale, but clearly I was wrong. The instructions were a big help, thank you. Emily Phillips - Bromley, UK

Phil, both my boys went through this, the second one for a year before I bought your DVD. Really good advice. Lesley Carter - Cardiff, Wales

Feel a bit let down by my doctor who said 'growing pains' aren't real. Told me to give paracetamol and it'll be gone by the morning. Well, yes he was right as it happened, but that wasn't very helpful at the time. Felt I owed my child more than that. When I came across your website I was quite relieved and as I wanted to know more, ordered your DVD and CD. I found it informative and thorough, and I would recommend it to anyone who has children suffering from growing pains, which are quite real. Thank you Phil, recommend you to everybody. God bless. Amy Lawson - London UK

            Phil's reply: Hi Amy, thank you for the vote of confidence. Fortunately, most doctors are a lot more understanding than your experience demonstrates, but I have heard it many times. Which is a shame, but like ME and chronic fatigue, some doctors just don't get it I'm afraid.

Thank you for allowing me to share these messages, I appreciate it very much.
I just want to be clear about something here; Growing pains are not caused by a dietary deficiency, too much of one food or another, the wrong type of exercise, sport or movement. Some think it may be dream sequences causing muscle cramping. It is nothing you are doing wrong as a parent.

If you are worried that the diagnosis of 'growing pains' is wrong, and they may actually be a symptom of a more serious condition, please consult your doctor.

Remember, growing pains occur at night, are quickly resolved and are gone in the morning. If there is redness, tenderness, swelling, sweating, high temperature, vomiting, feeling limp, inflammation, difficulty breathing or other symptoms that cause you concern, this is probably more than just growing pains and its time to call for assistance or reassurance.

If you do decide to consult Google, be prepared to find yourself, very quickly, deep into muscular dystrophy, arthritis, rheumatism, leukaemia and even worse. If there really is worse, Google will help you find it and worry about it intensely. As tragic as these conditions are for the children and parents who have to deal with them every day, a few nights of leg or calf pain are not the main symptoms of any of them.

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