Growing Pains in Childhood - Fact or Fiction?

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Growing pains dvd, available now with FREE sleep cd

DVD offers a natural, self-help approach to treating growing pains in your child!

Order the Growing Pains dvd/mp4 and get the The Childrens Sleep Meditation on CD/mp3 - FREE!

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The Growing Pains DVD
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The Childrens Back to Sleep CD
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Phil and Jordan at Stonehenge

Phil and Jordan at Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Order Your Growing Pains Relief DVD and get the Childrens Sleep Meditation CD Free: My gift to you.

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FREE: The Childrens Sleep Meditation on CD

What's this for?
This is a 30min back to sleep relaxation CD.
Pain can wake a child fully and this means they may take a long time to go back to sleep, if at all. One thing is certain, YOU will probably need to get back to sleep if you expect to go to work in the morning. But I don't know many parents that can sleep if their kids are wide awake in the middle of the night.

Just place this in their CD player, TV DVD player, MP3 player or phone and let it rock them back to sleep. The CD contains beautiful relaxing music and a voice encouraging your young person to close their eyes and drop off again.
(I've tried it on mine many-a-time and he's out like a light!)

Growing pains in children are distressing for the child and the parents alike. You can help your son or daughter with a few simple steps that this DVD will show you, and when you're done, the CD will help them get back to sleep in the shortest time.

There is no need for pain killers, analgesic gels or sprays. Just a few simple moves will bring the pain threshold down to a level that will allow your child to sleep and for you to rest easy, knowing that you have done everything you can to help them recover from this traumatic experience.

Any questions or problems to clear up before you make your purchase, please contact email:

If you have children who suffer from growing pains, order your DVD/MP4 today!
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