Growing Pains in Childhood - Fact or Fiction?

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How to heal by touch. An easy, reliable way to treat your child's growing pains at home, without pain killers!

The natural way to treat growing pains using your own gentle healing touch!

Phil and Jordan walking in a flower meadow

Phil and Jordan walking in a flower meadow

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The modern healthcare system has created such a deep trap of dependence that many of us have reached the point where we feel powerless to care for ourselves, or our families, even for the most minor aches and pains, without resorting to using prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or without visiting the doctor for relatively minor ailments.

Growing Pains from Jumping and Playing

My vision as a health professional and therapist is to be able to train, encourage and educate parents, their children and patients who visit The Haven Healing Centre, to be able to help themselves in ways that will improve their own body awareness, understanding and knowledge, during times of illness and times of wellness.

You too can share in that by participating in your own gentle self-care, to experience your own state of wellbeing and health in a natural and fulfilling way. This DVD about growing pains in children is one small step in that direction.

If you have children who suffer from growing pains, order your DVD/MP4 today!
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